Armando Caruso
Enchanted 2203 Angled Buffer Brush

Armando Caruso
Enchanted 2203 Angled Buffer Brush

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Brought to you from the land of pixie dusts and all magic, the Armando Caruso Enchanted Series was designed to sprinkle you the magical art of makeup.

To complete its enchanting look, each and every brush is meticulously handmade with high quality duo toned synthetic bristles, rose gold ferrule and fairy wand handle.

The Angled Buffer Brush makes a great tool for a flawless application of foundation around the eye area or the contours of your face as well as the detailed setting with powder products. Shaped for a full coverage of foundation on the flat planes and unreachable areas, the dense brush perfectly fits the contours of your face.

Armando Caruso makeup brushes are handmade with vegan friendly, cruelty free synthetic but soft and high quality bristles.

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Enchanted 2203 Angled Buffer Brush”